Home Care Service Dedicated to People with Intellectual, Mental and Physical Disabilities and Senior Members of Our Community

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Head of their households

Our Health Mission

Our professional and experienced team will put your needs first. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience, are very committed to work with the accordance to the current Irish and EU legislation and best practice guidance.

Experience and Professionalism

With the years of experience, our team will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that is right just for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective and healthy ways.

People Who Care

We strive to help to improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.

One to One Counseling Service

Our counselors are here for you to deliver professional service in a non-judgemental, confidential and reassuring atmosphere. They listen to and help to clarify difficulties, facilitate to express your thoughts and feelings, help to explore new options.

Nutritious and delicious meals

If you choose, one of our qualified chefs can provide you with a nutritious and delicious meals. We care about your health and as a qualified team we are putting a lot of emphasize on the quality of the food cooked and designed specially for you. The products are sourced locally and selected carefully to meat your health and nutritious needs.


Professional Care at Your Own Doorstep

24 Hour Service

We are assisting people to develop personal routines and lifestyles which meet their individual needs, abilities, and preferences and which promote inclusion in the life of the community.

Wellness Support

Our team will support you in building a healthier you. No matter what your physical and mental health needs are, having a team supporting you will help you to become a healthy and happy person once again. We work together to connect you with the services of your choice.

A Healthy Community

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world. 

Counselors deliver a professional service in a non-judgemental, safe, reassuring atmosphere. They listen to, help to clarify difficulties, facilitate clients to express their thoughts and feelings, help to explore client’s options and will decide an appropriate course of action.


Martha Care

Athy, Kildare County, Ireland


+353 85 732 24 60


Open hours:

Monday - Friday: 8AM–8PM

Saturday - Sunday: 8AM–6PM

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